Liste des récipiendaires du certificat de reconnaissance pour 2021

en reconnaissance de votre leadership, de votre dévouement et de votre service dans la promotion de la vision et de la mission de l’Internet Society.


Nom Complet

Titre et Chapitre

Brève intro et pourquoi il / elle a été reconnu pour.


Aboubacar Kourouma 

President, Guinea Chapter

Aboubacar is a Network engineer and founding President of ISOC Guinea Chapter. Under his leadership, the young Guinea chapter has achieved, from advocating for Community Networks, publishing a book about the history of the Internet in Guinea, to wining the 2021 Chapterthon for the Africa region. 
Aboubacar was recently apointed Vice-Minister of Labor and Civil Service of Guinea


Ramanou Biaou

Former President, Benin Chapter

Ramanou is a Cybersecurity Expert and strong advocate of ISOC’s Strengthening the Internet projects. Ramanou helped reactivate the Benin Chapter. Under his leadership, the Chapter won the Chapterthon in 2018 with the project “IoTLowHighTech”. Ramanou is also the founder of “Benin DNS Forum”


Harold Adjaho

President Benin Chapter

Harold is a Strong advocate against Internet Shutdowns. As Chapter a Benin Chapter President, He successfully led a local advocacy campaign to prevent another Internet Shutdown in Benin


Marcus Adomey

Former President Ghana Chapter

He had shared his experience with many African Chapters; supporting them for their online elections


Francis Amaning

President Ghana Chapter

Strong support and advocate for ISOC’s “Growing the Internet” projects; especially Community Networks. 


Maud Ashong Elliot

Vice-President Ghana Chapter

Maud is an Internet technology evangelist. She has implemented multiple Internet literacy and safety programs with the Ghana Chapter.


Theorose Elikplim 

member Ghana Chapter Chair Communications and Program Committee. 

Theorose is a Journalist, Lecturer and strong advocate for “Encryption for everyone.” She likes to call herself “Encryption Activist”. Theorose participated in the ISOC Chapters’ Training program (now ISOC Fundamentals) and used the knowledge gained to promote Encryption and train non-technical people like her in Ghana. 


Lily Edinam Botsyoe 

Member ISOC Ghana Chapter Chair Youth and Women Committee

Lily has supported many ISOC’s initiatives during 2021. A big thank you for her great volunteer work during “Community Week”. 


Anna Amoomo 

President Namibia Chapter and outgoing member of ISOC ChAC Steering Committee member

A big Thank you for her  volunteer work as member of ISOC ChAC Steering Committee


Wadzanai Chihombori Ndlovu 

Outgoing member of ISOC ChAC Steering Committee

A big Thank you for her excellent volunteer work as member of ISOC ChAC Steering Committee


Jean-Baptiste MILLOGO 

Former President 

Jean-Baptiste is a Network Engineer and founding President of ISOC Burkina Faso Chapter. He is a strong advocate of ISOC’s “Growing the Internet” projects; especially IXPs and Technical communities. Jean-Baptiste is also a Tutor of many ISOC’s online courses


Jasper Mangwana 

President of Zimbabwe Chapter

Jasper is an Engineer. Under his leadership the Zimbabwe Chapter has initiated several projects to help grow and strengthen the Internet in Zimbabwe. These include supporting local cooperatives to submit licenses to start Community Networks in Zimbabwe, Partnering with universities to start a research on “Greening the Internet” in Zimbabwe and Africa with a research grant from ISOC Foundation


Nazar Nicholas 

President Tanzania Chapter

Nazar is a coach and promoter of STEM for Girls. Under his leadership, the Tanzania Chapter has started ambitious projects to help connect and educate the unconnected in Tanzania


Françoise Mukuku 

President Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Chapter

Francoise is a Social Entrepreneur. She is working tirelessly to make the RDC Chapter sustainable while supporting ISOC’s projects activities in DRC.


Patrick Kouobou

Vice-President Cameroon Chapter

Patrick is a Network Administrator and strong support of ISOC’s “strengthening the Internet”, especially MANRS. Patrick also supports ISOC’s e-learning courses as a Trainer. 


Bakary Kouyate

President Mali Chapter

Bakary is an Expert in Internet Governance. Under his leadership, the Mali Chapter has became the “place to go” for Internet Governance awareness and training in Mali. The Mali chapter is the organizer of Mali School of Internet Governance. Bakary is very active on social media and a great amplifier of ISOC’s messages